Asia Mix Consulting Ltd


We offer consulting services in

- fine wine investment

- wineries promotion

- education

- viticulture and oenology

- corporate wine marketing


Fine Wine Offers

We offer fine wine to wine connoisseurs or wine investors. For our investors, we provide services from sourcing, storage to trading.

Wine seminars and events are organized to provide investment insights and share the 'behind the scene' wine making techniques of wineries.

Wineries promotion

Marketing networks, wine industry knowledge and 'on the ground' expertise are all important factors in establishing a brand and getting it recognized in a territory.

For wineries aim to explore overseas new markets and expand their market from their home country into the Asia region, we offer end-to-end services from wine shows, media to event management.

For details on how you can leverage our expertise in achieving your marketing goals efficiently and effectively, please get in touch with us. 



Education is important to a successful sales team.  Solid and correct wine knowledge helps  reinforce product knowledge.  We tailor our education programmes to suit the needs of clients of different size and business nature.

Viticulture and Oenology

If you are considering purchasing a vineyard and need an evaluation or feasibility study or you need to improve the wine quality of an existing winery,  We have a team of experts specializing in different areas of viticulture and oenology from site selection, soil selection, vine plantation to winery design and wine making.  We help you in making the right decision before an acquisition and we are also the bridge between you and the wine professionals working for you.


Corporate Wine Marketing

Wine marketing activities help enhance business relationships with clients.  We have run events of different nature for corporations from Hong Kong Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Swiss Prestige, SCMP to Sky Post.  Our end-to-end services cover from design, sourcing to execution.