A vineyard is most unlikely to produce uniform level of grape yield and quality.  Variability in these two major outcomes can affect wine quality and fruit prices.  Factors causing variability can be variations in soil type, soil profile, topography, rootstock, clones or climatic factors.

Precision Viticulture Technologies primarily involve (1)  the application of using an EM38 which uses spatial electromagnetic data to identify and map soil variability; (2) the use of remote imaging to collect plant cell density data or reflectance, such data can be used to map a vineyard and indicates variations in vine vigour and canopy cover; (3) by using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to create a map which shows the yield of vines, the variation in yield throughout the area of vineyard.  All these information become valuable in the management of the vineyard and the control of fruit quality.  For details, please contact us.