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Dr. Marisa Collins

Irrigation strategy is important to vine growing not only because water is critical at certain stages of the grapevine life cycle but also techniques such as partial root zone drying and deficit irrigation can manipulate vegetative growth, berry size, improve water use efficiency and affect the timing of harvest. An additional benefit is improve grape quality. Dr. Marisa Collins investigated the physiological responses of field-growth Shiraz grapvines to partial root zone drying and deficit irrigation while she was reading for her PhD at the University of Melbourne. At present Dr. Collins is working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow under Dr. Brian Loveys at CSIRO Adelaide on grapevine irrigation and water relations.

Dr. Collins has recently heavily involved in the following projects and consultancies:

  • "Physiology of Grape Quality"-funded by the Grape and Wine R & D Corp.
  • Part of a team that prepared STI grant - ‘Regional and Economic Benefits through Smarter Irrigation

    For details on how Dr. Collins and AMC can help you in planning your irrigation strategies, please contact us.