Nematodes and Phylloxera are undoubtedly most unwelcome pests in a vineyard.  There are other pests such as rabbits and hares, they strip leaves and bark off young vines.  African black bettle (Heteronychus arator) live underground most of the time but cause damage to the roots of grapevine.  Cutworms (Agrotis) the moths lay their eggs on the foliage of the host plant.  Larvae then feed on the foliage of young vines if numbers are sufficiently high, vines may be defoliated.  Insects are not the only pest, birds can be a big problem after berry ripening.  There are different types of pests in different areas and at stage of a vineyard whether that is young or established.  For more details on how to control pests and it will be even better to implement an Integrated Pest Management program, please contact us.